Perpetual Motion


I still remember the day I was taught about the magic of magnets. My hunched and greyed year 8 science teacher described the push and pull of forces my eyes couldn't see, yet held so much power. Constantly curious, I went home and designed a machine of motion, pushed and pulled by these forces. I dreamt it would stay in perpetual motion and never cease. When I showed my teacher my naive scribbles, he took one look at them and said 'It would never work, even magnets lose their charge.'


Magnets is the musical brain-child of Melbourne based musician, scientist and M4H founder Siobhan McGinnity...


It's yet to be seen if she'll lose her charge.


Vox, guitar, keyboard & synth / Siobhan McGinnity




Magnets debut single, Fight. Video co-created by Terry Mann & Siobhan McGinnity


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